Important information

How to get to the congress buildings

Registration and conference badges

Wednesday morning (9.00-12.00) 13 September, the registration desk will be located in the NH Olomouc Collection Congress. Wednesday afternoon (13.00-18.00), the registration desk will move to the Art Center of Palacký University Olomouc „Konvikt“ and will be located there all the remaining days. Thursday 14 September, the registration desk will be opened 8.00-18.00, Friday, 15 September 8.00-10.30. Upon your arrival, please come to the registration desk, you will receive your badge (name tag) and conference materials.
The conference badges are of various colours, depending on the days of your participation. The gray badges allow you to attend all conference sessions during three days, pink-blue badges conference sessions on Wednesday and Thursday, blue-green on Thursday and Friday, pink badges on Wednesday, blue on Thursday, and green on Friday. Signs „R“ on the badges mean receptions. „R1“ allows you to attend the conference reception on Wednesday evening, „R2“ on Friday. No „R“ means no reception, both „R1“ and „R2“ mean both receptions.

You are kindly requested to wear your name badge during all events of the conference.

Certificates of attendance will be prepared for all registered students at the registration desk, please look for the inscription „Certificates – Certifikáty“.

Where to find your session room

Lunch in the NH Collection Olomouc Congress

The following information is valid only for those who registered for lunch on Wednesday, 13 September, in the NH Collection Olomouc Congress.

Upon your registration at the conference desk, you will receive a meal voucher. You have to pay for your lunch at the bar, located on the same floor as the conference desk. The cash desk will be open 8.00-9.00 and then after the end of the morning program. Please, have your 120 CZK ready to facilitate the proces. You can also buy a drink – you will find the drink list below. Lunch is to be picked up by you at counters (easily noticeable) after the end of the morning program on the same floor. There will be various tables prepared for you to eat your lunch at. Please, leave the plates on your table once you finish your lunch. The hotel restaurant will prepare the exact number of meals according to our order, therefore we strongly advise each of the attendees to pick up and pay for their orders. You can find all information regarding your lunch order in your profile. If you know you will not be able to attend or pick up your lunch, send us an email asap, please.


Receptions 13 and 15 September

Reception on 13 September will be organized in the NH Collection Olomouc Congress (18.45-20.30) and will be located on both the ground floor and the first floor of the hotel. Water is included in the price of the reception, other drinks can be purchased in the hotel bar on the first floor. After the reception is finished, there will be a performance of baroque opera (20.30-21.30), the hotel bar will be opened till 23.00.

Reception on 15 September will be organized in the Regional center Olomouc (13.15-14.30) on the ground floor of the building.

You are kindly requested to wear your name badge when entering the reception buildings.

Coffee and tea breaks

Basic refreshments will be served during the breaks of the panels in the buildings Křížkovského 8 (in front of the „Freskový sál“), Křížkovského 12 and 14 (in the gardens), and on the ground, first and third floors of the Art Center of Palacký University Olomouc „Konvikt“.

Map of restaurants close to the congress buildings


Wifi will be available in all conference buildings. You will find login and password announced there.

Organ Concert – a new social event

Thursday, 14 September, 19.00 in the church of St. Maurice (close to the conference buildings at Křížkovského and „Konvikt“), we offer you to attend a concert of the International Organ Festival Olomouc 2017. The concert will be performed by Baptiste-Florian Marle-Ouvrard, one of the excellent organists of young generation and a phenomenal improviser. The concert lasts 70 minutes without break and the ticket costs 70 CZK. If you wish to attend the concert, please notify us at the registration desk – inscription Organ concert – Varhanní koncert – till Thursday 12.30.

Before the concert, you are kindly requested to come in front of the St. Maurice church and buy your ticket at a desk of our hostesses (visibly marked, apart from a desk for other participants of the concert). We kindly ask you to prepare your 70 CZK in advance.

The St Maurice's organ is a unique instrument and the largest in Central Europe.

Further information and the program of the concert (PDF)

Ladies and Gentlemen, Dear Colleagues,

Welcome to the English website of the 11th Congress of Czech historians. This professional meeting of historians of the Czech Republic will be held in the city of Olomouc from 13 to 15 September 2017.

The first Congress of Czech Historians was held in 1937. Since that time seven more Congresses of Czech Historians have been organized over the course of the 20th century. The Congresses are held on a fairly regular basis in the 21st century, every five or six years, and are co-organized by the Association of Czech Historians (Historical club 1872) and by a University History department/institute.

The Congress will be co-organized by Palacký University Olomouc, the Faculty of Arts, in 2017. The aim of this meeting is to bring together scholars from various disciplines of history research in order to discuss their specific topics in lively small groups rather than in formal plenary sessions. The Congress welcomes panels and papers not only in Czech, but also in other languages, such as English and German, and is ready and willing to host scholars from any other country.

Please be aware that the Congress runs two submission rounds: first, panel proposals are welcome, second, paper proposals are submitted into the accepted panels. There is no submission for stand-alone paper proposals.

The invited keynote speakers are Lynn Hunt (University of California, Los Angeles), former President of the American Historical Association, known for her work in European cultural history and historiography, and Charles Ingrao (Purdue University, Indiana), historian and public intellectual focused on the early modern history of the Habsburg monarchy and the contemporary Balkans.

Olomouc, ranked recently among the 10 hottest places in Europe by the Lonely Planet Publisher, is an exceptionally beautiful city with a number of Baroque monuments. All of the participants are invited to take part in a unique social event, this being a performance of a Baroque opera by Ensemble Damian.

We look forward to meeting you in Olomouc.

Organization Committee of the Congress

Faculty of Arts, Palacký University Olomouc
  • Doc. Mgr. Radmila Švaříčková Slabáková, Ph.D.
  • Prof. PhDr. Jiří Lach, M.A., Ph.D.
  • Doc. Mgr. Radmila Prchal Pavlíčková, Ph.D.
  • Doc. Mgr. Jan Stejskal, M.A., Ph.D.
  • Doc. Mgr. Antonín Kalous, M.A., Ph.D.
Association of Czech Historians
  • Prof. PhDr. Jiří Kocian, CSc.
  • Prof. PhDr. Petr Vorel, CSc.
  • Doc. PhDr. Marie Ryantová, CSc.
  • Doc. PhDr. Václav Ledvinka, CSc.
  • Mgr. Tomáš Malý, Ph.D. / Prof. PhDr. Marcela Efmertová, CSc.

Media partner

Past Congresses of Czech Historians

  • 1. Sjezd československých historiků, Praha, září 1937
  • 2. Sjezd československých historiků, Praha, 5. - 11. října 1947
  • 3. Sjezd československých historiků, Praha, 16. - 19. září 1959
  • 4. Sjezd československých historiků, Brno, 27. - 29. září 1966
  • 5. Sjezd československých historiků, Praha, 19. - 21. února 1982
  • 6. Sjezd československých historiků, Praha, 9. - 11. února 1989
  • 7. Sjezd českých historiků, Praha, 24. - 26. září 1993
  • 8. Sjezd českých historiků, Hradec Králové, 10. - 12. září 1999
  • 9. Sjezd českých historiků, Pardubice, 6. - 8. září 2006
  • 10. Sjezd českých historiků, Ostrava, 14. - 16. září 2011

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Prezentace nakladatelství a prodej knih za zvýhodněnou cenu

Umělecké centrum FF UP Konvikt, Univerzitní 3, 2. patro

Seznam nakladatelství

Cena děkana FF UP

Vkládání prací ukončeno.

Vyhlášení vítězných prací v pátek 15. 9. v RCO.

Posterové prezentace

  • Umělecké centrum FF UP Konvikt, Univerzitní 3, 1. patro
  • Představení posterů: pátek 15. 9., 10.00-12.00

  • Zobrazit seznam přijatých prezentací

    Timeline and deadlines

    Submission of panel proposals
    30 September 2016
    Decision on accepted panels
    30 October 2016
    Submission of paper proposals
    15 January 2017
    Decision on accepted papers
    28 February 2017